Get Safe Online


A robust backup strategy is vital to protect data, finances, reputation and legal compliance.

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Knowing how you are going to maintain ‘business as usual’ is vital.

Business Security Planning

Take a systematic approach to security. Start with an effective business security plan.


Having cyber certification can bring a number of important benefits to any organisation.

Cyber & Information Security Support

Have access to a cyber and information security support specialist.

Data Breaches / Security Incidents

You should have a process for managing and reporting security breaches.

Data Encryption

Confidential data and communications should be encrypted to render it useless if it falls into the wrong hands.

Data Loss Prevention

Preventing your data from loss or falling into the wrong hands should be a key part of your IT strategy.

Data Protection

If you store personal information on clients, employees or other individuals, you must comply with data protection.


Dispose of computers and mobile devices correctly to avoid information being accessed - even if you thought it was deleted.


Be aware of the risks in your organisation, and how to identify and prevent fraud.

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)

If you process the personal data of EU citizens, this applies to you.


Have a framework for the governance of cyber and information security.

Information Access Management

It is vital to manage who has access to which information held by your business.

Information Risk Assessments

Be aware of the risks you face as a prerequisite to having an information security strategy.

IT Support

Find a supplier who can demonstrate expertise in providing security advice and resolution.

Password Protocol & Control

Use & protection of strong passwords is vital in order to protect security and identity.

Social Engineering

Social engineering is the route to many types of crime including fraud and identity theft - involving manipulation or deceit.

Supply Chain

Not observing good practice or having robust systems in place could jeopardise the security of organisations up and down the supply chain.

The Cloud

It is vital to protect your own and any customer data hosted or stored in the cloud.

Unnecessary Services

Redundant systems & services should be thoroughly decommissioned to minimise security risks.

User Accounts

In any organisation where more than one person has access to a computer or network, it is necessary to set up user accounts.

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)

The very important difference between company and consumer VPNs

What is your internet policy for staff

Convenience and efficiency is balanced by a degree of risk, which must be minimised with staff policies.

Windows Server 2003

Microsoft ceased support for Windows Server 2003 & Small Business Server 2003 operating systems in 2015.

Windows XP

Microsoft ceased support for XP in 2014 meaning no updates, patches, fixes or Microsoft Security Essentials.