If Your Child is Aged Under 5

Advice if your child is under 5 years old

  • Start setting some boundaries, even at this early age … it’s never too early to do things like setting limits for the amount of time they can spend on the computer.
  • Make sure devices like your mobile, tablet or laptop are out of reach. Set up passwords/PINs and make sure you keep these details to yourself.
  • On computers, TVs and any other devices your child has access to, set the parental controls to the appropriate age, and enabling access to only appropriate content. If you are not sure how to do this, ask a family member or friend who is more tech-savvy. Otherwise, seek professional advice.
  • Buy or download parental control software, switch it on and keep it updated. There are many versions on the market, which work in different ways and available at a range of prices, starting at free.
  • Some Internet Service Providers (ISPs) give their customers free parental controls which can be activated at any time. Check them out and take advantage of them.
  • Buy or download only apps, games, online TV and films which have age ratings, which you should check before allowing your child to play with or watch them.
  • Share your technology rules with grandparents, babysitters and your child’s friends’ parents so that they know what to do when looking after your child.
  • When using public WiFi – for example in cafés or hotels – remember that it might not include parental controls. Innocently letting your child play with your mobile or tablet while you’re enjoying a latte may result in them accessing inappropriate content or revealing personal information.
  • If you have a family computer or tablet, set the homepage to an appropriate and reputable children’s website.

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A local area network which uses radio signals instead of a wire to transmit data.